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Many years ago my horse lost a lot of weight and condition over the winter and after many vets visits and blood tests the vets could not find anything wrong with him. A friend suggested I try red light therapy so with nothing to lose I booked my horse a session.

After a couple of sessions he started to put on weight and was looking much better. Since then we have not looked back. I am fascinated by the horses (and other animals) reactions to the therapy and the results it produces. I use it regularly on my Doberman and my 3 cats as they are all getting on now and showing signs of arthritis it helps them remain supple and pain free.

One of my cats had a couple of cysts removed from his elbow and the x-ray taken showed severe osteoarthritis. The vet wanted to inject his joint to make it more comfortable but we agreed to red light it every day for a week instead, after 6 days he was no longer limping and the vet confirmed that the extreme inflammation in the joint had almost completely gone.

I want to be able to help other animals be pain free by initially finding out what the issues are and then helping the body correct these issues. I find the reactions the animals give to the therapy and the results we can achieve hugely rewarding.


When my horse went lame my vet and I devised a plan to try and get him sound. This involved many months of field rest, and a rehabilitation programme including regular Photonic red light therapy. (Whilst the use of Photonic red light therapy does not replace that of veterinary care it does work along side it.) His recovery time was reduced by a third of that originally estimated and despite the odds stacked against us my horse, Blue, is now sound and competing again.

The full body pain assessment and red light therapy sessions made sure that his whole body was supported and maintained as he rehabilitated and returned to work.

My older dog has arthritis, with regular red light therapy she is drug and pain free.

I love working out what the animals issues are and seeing the animals reactions to Photonic red light therapy as the body works to resolve those issues. The animals reactions and the results we can achieve are hugely rewarding.

I look forward to meeting you and helping your much loved animals.


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