Why use Photonic Red Light Therapy?


Photonic Red Light Therapy offers natural and non-invasive pain relief for a number of ailments.


The key areas this therapy has been able to improve include: 

  • This therapy is in itself a natural pain killer due to increases in the production of natural endorphins.
  • Inflammation is reduced by supressing any enzymes that cause swelling, redness or pain.
  • Levels of anti-inflammatory enzymes are boosted, reducing swelling quickly.
  • Cellular regeneration and healing is promoted, increasing the production of ATP, encouraging damaged cells to accept nutrients and eliminate toxins faster.
  • Lymphatic drainage and circulation is improved.
  • Tight muscles are relaxed to help release muscle spasms and cramps.
  • Antibody production in the bloodstream is increased.
  • The structure of tendons, bones, skin, teeth and cartilage is improved by increasing collagen production.
  • By regulating Serotonin levels, a strong heartbeat is stimulated. Serotonin helps to fight against inflammation and allergic reactions.

Photonic Red Light Therapy was developed and established by Photonic Health, for more detailed and technical information please see their website - Photonic Health


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